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An amazing opportunity for you to create customized forest-themed story books for children, by simply mixing and matching various elements: images and backgrounds.
What you will get:
– 20 forest backgrounds with aspect ratio of 1:1;
– 12 forest backgrounds with aspect ratio 3:4;
– 20 forest background with aspect ratio 16:9;
– 15 consistent character images of forest animals: bear, bunny, chipmunk, raccoon and a squirrel;
– 9 characters of magical creatures: dragons and faeries;
– 23 images with different poses of a little girl in a forest ranger outfit (consistent character);
– A sample story: Amy’s Adventure.

– All of the images come in large size and have a 300dpi;
– You’ll get a folder with everything separately (the text file of the sample story is in .txt format);
– You’ll get Canva links to all of the elements as well, so you can mix and match, and add your own elements if you want within Canva. Sample covers with the sizes 8.5″x8.5″ and 8.5″x11″ are provided as well, using the same illustrations.
– Please change the text of the story however you see fit. Don’t use it as is (it is merely provided as an example);
– You may import the separate files into a software of your choosing to make a unique book.

Have fun creating your own forest adventure stories!

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Storybook Generator - Canva Editable

0 ratings
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