2024 Self Love Workbook - KDP Interior

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2024 Self Love Workbook KDP Interior

The 2024 Self Love Workbook can help you discover the revolutionary power of self-love! This Canva editable template, ready for upload on KDP Amazon, is designed to guide readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and self-compassion. The beautifully crafted interior includes engaging exercises, inspiring prompts, and interactive journaling pages, empowering readers to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, confidence, and inner peace. Whether you’re starting a self-love journey or seeking to enhance your well-being, this workbook offers a personalized and flexible approach for every reader. Embrace self-love and watch as it radiates positivity into every aspect of your life. Begin your empowering self-love journey today with the 2024 Self Love Workbook!


– 2024 calendar
– 12 month Calendar
– Self-love quotes
– Self-Care Planner
– Self-Care Intention
– Self-Care Checklist
– Self-Care Tracker
– Self-Care ideas
– Habit Tracker
– Mood Tracker
– Self Love List
– Self Esteem Journal
– Self Love Questions
– Self Improvement
– Self Notes
– With Free Self Love Workbook cover

⭐️ Interior Details:

– 27 Different Pages
– PNG files
– Canva Editable File (Cover and Interior File)
– PowerPoint File ( Not Editable File)
– Ready to upload PDF (6X9 inches with bleed, 124 pages)
– PDF Cover File

⭐️ This template is ready for you, go to Amazon and submit only if you have a low-content or no-content book business. Thoroughly tested and ready to list on Amazon’s KDP platform!

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2024 Self Love Workbook - KDP Interior

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