50 Magic Life Templates Canva Editable

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✨50 planners, log books, notebooks, journals & more for your magickal life!✨

Canva templates, 6″x9″ size, so you may edit it according to your needs. For every template there’s a cover and a single sheet, that you can easily duplicate as many times as you need. Every page is named accordingly. At the very front there’s an editable cover if you need one. In the PDF file that you’ll download, you’ll get the Canva template link, and a small explanation for every entry of each template. Here’s the full list:

1.Book of Shadows
3.Spell Book
4.Ritual Journal
5.Moon Phase Planner
6.Sabbat Planner
7.Tarot Journal
8.Divination Log
9.Herbalism Journal
10.Dream Journal
11.Meditation Diary
12.Magical Goals Planner
13.Astrology Journal
14.Ancestor Connection Book
15.Energy Work Journal
16.Elemental Magic Journal
17.Crystal & Gemstone Guide
18.Correspondences Journal
19.Nature Observation Log
20.Magical Recipes Book
21.God & Goddess Devotion Journal
22.Ritual Clothing & Tools Record
23.Sabbat Reflection Book
24.Chakra Balancing Journal
25.Sigil Creation Book
26.Shadow Work Journal
27.Affirmations Journal
28.Pathworking Diary
29.Intuition Development Log
30.Magical Poetry Book
31.Folklore & Mythology Reference
32.Tarot Card Interpretation Notebook
33.Spell Outcome Log
34.Energy Cleansing Journal
35.Moon Ritual Notes
36.Divination Experience Journal
37.Herb Gardening Log
38.Elemental Associations Guide
39.Incantation & Chant Collection
40.Astral Projection Journal
41.Spirit Animal/Totem Log
42.Crystals & Rituals Pairing Guide
43.Ritual Music & Dance Notes
44.Daily Reflection Diary
45.Healing Techniques Record
46.Witchcraft Ethics & Philosophy Notebook
47.Crystal Grid Designs Log
48.Deity Invocation Journal
49.Circle Casting & Banishing Notes
50.Seasonal Change Observations


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50 Magic Life Templates Canva Editable

0 ratings
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